#qotd - On Independence: To our American friends near and far!

"To freedom and liberty. (?)"

Something so basic to living a fuller life and against the threat of oppression.  Something perhaps close to every Singaporean's heart - is the idea that we can say what we want to say or do what we want to do at our own whims.  So this post is about the spirit of embracing our personal self-identities and personal liberties, whether it is about the authentic expression of thoughts and opinions, or how we might feel in interpersonal/social circumstances.  This is a call for a reflection on our own independence.

Despite all the controversy in the realm of politics, asylum, denuclearisation thus far this year, we would like to wish our American friends well on the anniversary of their Independence Day.  

We are advocates of cultural diversity and the notion of liberty and freedom, so this is a no brainer.