Founded by a team of clinical psychologists, The Psychology Practice is an emerging psychological consultancy practice and home to popular Psychology Practice Log (PLOG) which chronicles interesting and important clinical issues, news and articles for public, as well as professional consumption.


What We Stand For.

The teardrop

The insignia that marks the space for The Psychology Practice is a teardrop that characterises the underlying psychological pain and struggles with living.  This engenders the precursor for the practice, where all can expect to seek security and understanding, in the process of working through difficulties as they mobilise their internal resources toward self-resolution.  

The Colours

The universality represented by the two colours of black and white, symbolises reversibility.  This brings to mind "black and white" thinking, good and/or bad internal objects, and recognises our own internal conflicts.  Ultimately, there is reference to a need to achieve some sort of balance in life, between the light and the dark, and our life versus death instincts.  


Our Tagline.

"Your Needs are Kept in Mind"

Imagine an existence where your needs are undervalued and not kept in mind - it is a devastating thought.  The idea borrowed from Infant Mental Health describes the importance of keeping a baby in mind as a critical factor in perinatal mental health.  


"The parent's capacity to observe the moment to moment changes in the child's mental state . . . lies at the root of sensitive caregiving " (Fonagy & Target, 1997, p. 691; see also; Meins, 1999 and Slade, 2002 ).  In light of theory and evidence that maternal sensitivity influences the development of attachment security (for review, see Belsky & Fearon, 2008), it should not be surprising that so does parental mentalizing (Arnott & Meins, 2007; Lundy, 2003; Meins, Fernyhough, Fradley, & Tuckey, 2001; Slade et al., 2005).

This is where we come in - keeping your needs in mind.


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We abide by a strict code of professional ethics as stipulated by the Singapore Psychological Society.