TRAIN with us

We enjoy fun, interactive and creative workshops

Our psychologists are experienced speakers and trainers who have run programmes in a multitude of corporate and government organisations. These may be run in several formats and tailored to the needs of its participants, and organisational requirements.

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WORKSHOP with us

When you grow, we grow too.

When you grow, we grow too.

We provide psychotherapy training & follow-up supervision

As leaders in psychotherapy, we aim to development others and nurture a capacity for reflective thinking in our abilities to provide psychotherapy. As experienced lecturers and trainers, we offer introductory or in-depth levels of training for groups of health professionals who would like to broaden their repertoire and understanding about working in different ways.

With a flexibility of tailoring our courses to varying needs, depth, variable segments and duration, the sky’s the limit with our training engagements. Here are some example of past interesting themes and topics put together.

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Understanding mental health in (e.g., school, workplace, military, rest & relaxation)

Learn how to identify and query professionally and sensitively others who may be experiencing difficulties. What can you do, and how you can advise your home, organisation, workplace about changing particular ‘habits’. Yes, this can occur whilst you’re at rest too!

Stress ManagemenT + RENEWING ONE’s PASSION

Learn effective coping strategies to deal with the stress of job and life’s demands.

Emotional Management + DECISION MAKING - STaying mindful

Learn how to manage strong emotions in the course of working in a challenging environment, whilst remaining stable and productive.


Crises can hit anytime! Learn to manage tough and potentially traumatic situations, whilst staying resilient.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of applying our clinical expertise to the needs of different stakeholders in many contexts and applications like:

ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Bank of China

Development Bank of Singapore

Housing Development Board

Singapore Children’s Society

Singapore Prison Service

Institute of Mental Health

People’s Association

Singapore University of Social Sciences

Kaplan Singapore

Murdoch University Singapore & Australia

National University of Singapore

Singapore Management University

With opportunities to give back where it really matters

With opportunities to give back where it really matters

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