#qotd - On Insecurity

We’re only as needy as our unmet needs
— John Bowlby

Perhaps something to think through is how easy it is for us to be pricked by what might cause us some insecurity.  Be it a comment, a thought, a word, a feeling, might all set us down the slippery slope that may cause us to overcompensate with being overly-controlling or a tad too distanced (or avoidant) when it calls for us to take a step back and reflect.

Only when we've found some felt security in the comfort of a safe place - and this is different for everyone of us - can we regain our capacity to self-reflect.  Maybe then can we possibly make ourselves a little more available to have our (emotional) needs met in more open and less defensive ways.

Sometimes all it takes is a quick spur of a moment to go on a holiday, whereas others may require a heart-to-heart talk to someone valued.  Regardless of whether you're the weekend warrior or person that requires your own personal space respected, consider today what you truly need especially when you're feeling insecure and respect that.  It's our freedom to choose, especially when we are caught up with what stirs us up in the first place.