#qotd - On Life in 2018

Life is like photography, you need the negatives to develop a pretty picture

This 2018, in this wet weather, where there is little light shining through, think of what it means to focus on what’s important and valuable for you.  Life is as dreary as we want it to be, and most times, there might be others who would cheer to see you in a bad shape, or put you down because it feels rightly satisfying.

Whilst we know you need good light for making good pictures, much beauty can also be found in the shadows.  So take heed, and Embrace your Negative Thinking (we recently wrote about this in a separate post, in our #12DaysOfXmas series) - There is always value in considering what pricks us, and causes us a stir - sometimes that stir is what we need to create and bring forth that pretty picture.

Happy weekend, psychpracticers, and remember, there’s always a function to our responses (even the negative ones).