#qotd - on Betrayal

"Sometimes it's not the people who change, it's the mask that falls off" 

Have a think, perhaps we've all been had at some point in our lives, and maybe it's set us back a couple notches. Let's face it, life's not as peachy as it sounds and we might be deluded to think so. However, take heart, you were true to yourself and maybe that's what matters as we pick ourselves up. It might have meant you had integrity and stuck to it where others suffered myopic views of you or the situation.

And guess what? Perhaps it's not about who's real to your face...but really who stays real behind your back. Stay true and authentic, mate. It's funny how things can come round full circle. Fuck em. 

Don't turn to the "dark side" though. Keep the reflectiveness going and build on that. It will be good for you as you learn to build a capacity to manage your own insecurities and nourish what's been hurt and lost. Remember, you're much better than that, especially what was served up to you.