#qotd - On Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy : Look for understanding, not hype.
— Jeremy Holmes

We know fashion trends come and go, and at times they might re-emerge or linger for a brief moment of exposure, before melting away.

When considering a form of psychotherapy that's right for you, look past the fads, and the hype of what's in fashion in or at the moment.  This also means what you might hear along the grapevine about what the current research purports to say, might require reconsideration - this is not a rant on research, but a call to step back and think through what's most suited for our own personal needs.  

Rather, consider what's the essential ingredient in an interpersonal relationship that might assist you feel sufficiently secure to work through those hard to reach places.

Maybe in the midst of it all, you might find that what underlies all our grief and difficulty is the need for understanding.  The kind that is un-adulterated and without constraints.