Charting the route ahead, a year later...

We're ONE!

Never would we have thought we would get this far.  

What started as a small weekend project, turned into a blog of sorts, @thepsychpractice has evolved from one piece of the puzzle to another.  As we take stock of where we've been, and getting a sense of how we're developing our online identity, we are reminded to be thankful for our opportunities to do this sort of work.  Just like fine wine, you need time to muster the flavours and to mature the varietal, as it picks up more complex characteristics over time.

And nup, we haven't forgotten every single like, follow, subscribe and share that has occurred over the course of this past year.  So thanks heaps for having some interest in what we put out there.  The feelings here are labelled as thankful, grateful, appreciative and gladness.

Let's see where we go from here.  We may take a different course or route, depending on what stokes our interest, but we're also interested to hear from you, what else you'd like to learn or understand.  We're happy to make it into a post that might assist to bring some understanding to your needs.  Help us co-create something that might truly define what being a part of a community means.  So get down, and drop us a comment, here or contact us at the link above.

Another interesting point is that many have asked if we've turned into a private practice and have we started yet, but nup, we're still very much an online presence.  Starting up a private practice is significant work and it takes a lot of time commitment and development.  It's essentially running a business and at this point in time, we've not decided take the financial step to do so.  However, we are seriously considering it, and taking our time.  When it happens, it'll be great.  Explorations have to be done, looking for the right people, administrative support, partners, referral sources, finances will have to be settled, and it will have to be a viable solution for the near future.  So meanwhile, stay tuned.  If things change, you'll be the first to know.

Lastly, thank you for allowing us to keep your needs in mind.