#12DaysOfXmas Day 8: Passive Aggression...start the year right!

Yep, you read it right.  Waking up on this New Year's Day morning is one of a kind, but if you're living a passive aggressive life, or as a client of mine calls it, a #paggro life, then you might find yourself trickling back into the seams of fierce and unsatisfying life traps or patterns of relating.

Okay, for some of us it's very hard not to be passive aggressive, but maybe the mass majority of us have really no idea what this concept is or how we can understand it.  On the 8th day of Christmas, here's two useful videos that illustrate and unpack (in both a fun way, and another, a serious way) [1] what being passive aggressive is about, [2] tips on how to deal with it, [3] uncovering what really is behind it, [4] learning how to stop being a victim of passive aggression.


Day 8: Passive Aggression - know it, understand it, deal with it!

Here's two videos carefully selected for your viewing eyeballs, so sit back, relax, grab a cuppa jo, and spend some "me time" (as discussed in the previous post about taking time out for yourself) today reflecting on what Passive Aggression is about.  

You will not like it when you receive it, but when you're unaware of it, you can quickly return the favour to the sender.  So better to learn to curb and redirect or direct it to the person in more appropriate and understandable ways, than just passing the buck around.  Yes, there is a large degree of satisfaction of telling someone to fuck off, without actually saying it, but let's take a step back and evaluate what it does to us long term.  I'll leave it to the videos to say more.

Have a great first day to the year.

Show Your Resistance by Angering the Other Person! Passive Aggressiveness: In case you want to make the other person mad...

What do people mean when they say #PassiveAggressive? What can I do when an interaction makes me mad for no apparent reason?

How to deal with passive aggressiveness forever. The root cause revealed. If we know the root we can start healing the root instead of endlessly fighting the symptoms.

More info: http://www.alive-academy.com