Are you in a Sex-Starved Relationship?

What gives? So bad can it get?

No one likes to be rejected or starved of what is essentially a natural part of how two committed individuals share intimate contact.  We are all made to connect with each other and when we feel like there's doubt over one's desirability or the idea of it, we quickly become insecure.  

Learn more about this phenomenon which may be a big part of your life at the moment, or get a good sense about how you could maintain a satisfying relationship.  

Sex isn't everything, but who doesn't want to be wanted or feel like they are able to receive in somewhat unconditional ways.  We all want to be loved and loved back when we offer.

Here's a great video by The School of Life Youtube Channel, that speaks to this issue well by its entertaining and informative way of providing some education to the masses.

Not having enough sex in a relationship could sound like a rather trivial issue, to be laughed off in front of others. But in truth, a shortage of sex threatens relationships like almost nothing else - and deserves thought and attention.

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