Happy Thanksgiving!

The Season is upon us…

This year has certainly been a ride here at The Psychology Practice. We’ve seen the depths of human suffering, the trials of healing, the ruptures and repair, the triumphs of recovery, as well as the grapple of therapeutic separation. All part of the work.

The Psychology Practice

The Psychology Practice

We’ve moved from a psychological space, i.e., the PLog, which had been received well on social media, … to a physical space in the form of the new practice. No matter what you’ve come to be accustomed to, we’re glad to have had the privilege of keeping your needs in mind.

Being thankful is something we feel requires intention and a reflective space. So maybe consider taking a pause in our busy schedules to ponder how the year’s been for you, and if it’s time to appreciate what you have, and what you’d like changed. Whether you had to endure hardship, and pain, or be on the receiving end of kindness and generosity. Sometimes, just sometimes, being thankful is all we need.

So, well wishes from our team to you and loved ones, and we hope you keep well amidst the hubbub of the holiday season.