New SPS Code of Ethics!

Newly revised and published for the larger public’s eyes.

Now, you can better discern ethical and unethical psychological practices based on the terms in which we should professional practice and uphold.

  • Why would you put faith in some individuals without proper enquiry into their credentials and ways of practice?

  • Does your gut tell you that something’s wrong?

  • Did your psychologist touch you inappropriately, whilst saying that it’s part of the process?

  • Did they reveal your confidential information inappropriately? And without your knowledge?

These are but some brief examples.

Failure to uphold the better virtues and guidelines would see the profession tarnished beyond measure and subvert our professional reputation to the wider public. The same public who would place faith in us with their most vulnerable detail. Hence, we would encourage you to make a report to the Singapore Psychological Society, if these ethical practices were not upheld. This can only assist to elevate our profession, and protect the public where necessary. All at the same time, to uphold better boundaries because the public literally has no idea how we practice unless there are standards that afford it to be so.

Were you aware of these cases in the media that caught the public’s attention?

Fake American professor who used boyfriend's blood for HIV test jailed 28 months

Ex-employees pour scorn on 'psychologist' and his iffy credentials

Have a read of the newly revised ethical guidelines as published here.