Updated Circle of Security-Parenting Video Protocol Online!


Circle of Security International is happy to announce:

The Updated COS-P Video Chapters Are Now Available!



". . . so beautiful, touching, nuanced, delightful, playful, multifaceted, current, and really well done!"    - a COS-P trainer


Common Questions

Q. Is this version available on DVD?
A. It is currently available for Members to stream through our website. Once the COS-P Facilitator's Manual is carefully updated and ready for release, DVD & Manual replacement sets will be available for purchase.

Q. Are there any major changes to this new version?
A. In addition to the obvious audio and visual improvements to the COS-P video protocol, and a few minor script alterations, you will also notice the elimination of the "Fairytale" from Chapter 1.

Q. When will the updated video be available in other languages or dialects?
A. The American English version is almost ready for release, but timelines for translations from English have not been established.

Q. I am a Registered COS-P Facilitator but don't have a website membership. How do I sign up?
A. If you have completed a 4-day COS-P Training in the past several months, you most-likely have a membership (your user name is your email address you used for registration or provided at your training ). You may also register for membership HERE. If you would like to be listed in the public Directory of Registered Facilitators, you may create your listing at the time of registration. You will receive an email notification of approval within 72 hours, granting access to the Members section, including video streaming and other resources.


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