Just In (Jul, 2017): CBT vs Psychodynamic Psychotherapy - Secondary Outcomes of a Randomised-Controlled Trial

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As exciting as it sounds, new research posted on the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, a high impact clinical psychology research journal, shows strong evidence to support the efficaciousness of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy as an evidence-based intervention for Major Depression!  

If you're familiar with the area, this research is brought to you from research giants Driessen and Cuijpers amongst others.  Here's some excerpts.

"Noninferiority of psychodynamic therapy to CBT was shown for posttreatment and follow-up anxiety measures as well as for posttreatment pain and quality of life measures, but could not be consistently demonstrated for the other outcomes...

...This is the first study that shows that psychodynamic therapy can be at least as efficacious as CBT for depression on important aspects of patient functioning other than depressive symptom reduction. These findings extend the evidence-base of psychodynamic therapy for depression..."

Read the full abstract posted on the Amercian Psychological Association PsycNet site.