Cognitive Assessments

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There might come a time you or your loved ones may require a form of psychological assessment that aims to ascertain your current cognitive functioning. Different standardised tasks are administered to test out and measure a range of cognitive abilities and compare them with age-group peers.

Examples of these tests might be for intellectual functioning (‘IQ’), and for numeracy and literacy skills. Clients usually request for such evaluations for the purposes of understanding their levels of cognitive functioning in different contexts like home, work, and school.

Personality Assessments

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Keen on understanding yourself with an in-depth assessment of your individual traits and idiosyncracies? A comprehensive personality assessment performed can assist with providing a nuanced view of an individual’s characteristical functioning and has several uses.

Apart from understanding oneself, the results can inform psychological treatment, and often assist an individual make certain life decisions based on their own issues which they were previously unaware of. These evaluations are usually requested for the purposes of diagnostic clarification, to inform psychotherapy work by way of uncovering characteristical strengths and weaknesses, and for vocational assignment purposes.

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